Welcome to my Taekwon-Do theory website

I have been training and teaching in Taekwon-Do for many years now as a student and an Instructor.

I have noted that Taekwon-Do theory always seems to cause unnecessary stress for many people.


As a result I devised my website back in 2002 and am currently updating it,

in order to help as many people as possible.


People learn in  a number of different ways and I have tried to allow for that by offering different aids for remembering and engaging with both the Korean terminology and the history behind Taekwon-Do and its patterns.


For those who need to see theory, I offer theory sheets, for those who need testing, I offer test papers, for those who like to hear it, I offer sound files and for those who like to learn a story, I offer brief histories.


I have written a Taekwon-Do dictionary and hope to get it into print soon.


I will be adding video, for those who like to see their pattern performed.


I hope you enjoy this revamp of my theory website.




Mrs Zoey Fendt IV Dan

Swindon Taekwon-Do School

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club website: www.swindontkd.com