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At the end of the second world war, Korea was liberated by the forces of the USSR and the USA,

the two sides were responsible for the rebuilding of Korea and it was decided to

divide Korea along the 38th parallel.


The UN authorised the establishment of a democratic government; the Republic of Korea,

in the South in 1948, with its capital is Seoul.


In the North the Soviet Union created the communist Democratic Peopleís Republic of Korea,

with its capital in Pyongyang.


With the advent of the Korean War 1950-1953, the division was even more set with the

dictatorship of Kim Il-Sung established in the North and the beginning of almost

thirty years of military rule under Dr Syngman Rhee in the South.


Tong-Il represents the desire to see a unified Korea.


The diagram of the pattern represents North and South Korea becoming one.


The country remains divided and with two very different mindsets it is hard to see a unified Korea,

but this was the dream of the late General Choi Hong-Hi.



In his encyclopaedia General Choi told us:

Tong-il denotes the resolution of the unification of Korea, which has been divided since

†the end of the 2nd World War in 1945. The diagram symbolizes the homogenous race.