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What I’ve discovered


Sam = 3 i.e. the third calendar month, March

Il = 1st


It had become clear that the students of Korea were determined to take action in order to gain



The former emperor of Korea died in January 1919, his funeral date was set for March 3rd.


It was therefore decided that an independence march would be held on 1st March, when large numbers

of Koreans would be present awaiting the funeral of the emperor.


The Koreans had decided on non-violent protests after hearing of the principle of ‘self-determination

of subject people’, announced at the Conference of Versailles after World War I.


The 33 movements represent the 33 signatories of the movement, who were immediately arrested

after a demonstration in Pagoda Park, Seoul.


Demonstrations quickly spread throughout Korea.


The Japanese reaction was decisive and bloody 7,500 were killed, 16,000 were wounded and

50,000 were arrested.


Order was not restored until May.


In his encyclopaedia General Choi told us:

Sam il denotes the historical date of the independence movement of Korea which began

 throughout the country on March 1st 1919. The 33 movements in the pattern stand for

 the 33 patriots who planned the movement.